A short film about the opioid epidemic inspired by true events.



A desperate single mother frantically searches for her missing teenage son over the course of twelve hours. The closer she comes to finding him she’s hit with another roadblock: he has just turned eighteen and is now considered an adult. She is no longer considered his legal representative. 

As she searches, she experiences the five stages of grief: denial, bargaining, depression, anger, and acceptance.

This film explores the destruction of lives caused by the opioid epidemic.  It also highlights kids who age out of the overburdened foster care system, homeless veterans with mental health issues, and second chances for the formerly incarcerated. 

Told entirely through the POV of the mother, this film is inspired by true events.


Lena Whitford. 45.

Single working mom to teenage son Dylan who struggles with substance use disorder. Lena is kind, knows how to put on a happy face even when she’s not. Reliable, the glue that holds her family together. Stubborn in her independence. Feels she can fix anything without help. Has lost her self-identity through focusing on her son’s addiction.

Will do anything to save her son.

Andre. 50s. 

Grew up in poverty with only gang members as role models. Committed murder as a teenage gang member. Did a 37-year prison sentence but has turned his life around. He’s out of prison and now works in the streets as an advocate for the homeless.

Jasmine. 18.

Both parents were addicts. She was taken away from them when she was in third grade. Grew up in foster care system, bounced around from home to home. Once she turned 18 she aged out of foster care. Now works at a fast-food restaurant but stays in a homeless encampment while she tries to save enough money for her own room in an apartment. Kind but tough, both book smart and street smart.

Tony. 40.

Served in Afghanistan. Twice. Came back with PTSD and no treatment. Turned to substances to help ease the pain. Lives in a homeless encampment. Suffers from episodes of paranoia and anxiety.


The opioid crisis has effected all of us, in one way or another.

12 HOURS is currently in pre-production and soon to begin crowdfunding for this very important social impact film. The current budget is $72,000 for pre-production and production. We are involved in preliminary castings and entertaining investors.

The filmmakers have a social impact plan associated with 12 HOURS. If you are involved with a substance use disorder, mental health, foster care, veterans' rights or homeless advocacy rights groups, please contact us. Let's work together.

If you have a story to tell about your personal experience relating to the opioid epidemic, please feel free to share it with us.

Meanwhile, please consider helping spread the word of this very important, personal film.